Friday, August 5, 2011

Juicy Couture and Hitler

As a child, my Bapo taped The Sound of Music for us from the TV. He stopped the recording at the Von Trapp's wedding because he thought the part about the Nazi's was too intense. I lived a long time thinking everything was just singing and leiderhosen for the Von Trapps.

I was watching Away We Go this week, and the following dialogue really captured a great attitude about parenting:

A: Hey, so, the movie ends when
the von Trapps go to sleep?

B: (SOFTLY) Yeah, we sort of skipped it.

A: You skipped the Nazis?

B: We kind of figured,
"What's the point?"

A: It is just that we think they could
live a few more happy years before, you know,
Juicy Couture and Hitler.

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